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LSD Recharg. Batteries
    LSD (Low self-discharge) is rechargeable NiMH batteries with low rate of self-discharging during storage under normal temperature and humidity that the capacity retention rate is higher than that of regular. Typical retained capacity is ≥ 80-85% after 1 year after fully charged. It is highly recommended for devices with unattended or unused period when batteries are in placed that it is always ready to use again as long as batteries are not drained.

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     • All NiMH batteries meet IEC standard with
        cycle life > 500 times.

     • Certified high quality meets international
        safety standard such as EN62133 and UL.

     • High drain discharging or special discharging
        requirements are also available.

     • Smart choice to replace primary batteries.

     • Charge Retention Rate > 80% after 1 year
        normal storage.

      • Model variety:  AA, AAA, C, D, 9V.


     Customization for Applications

    • Single cells are assembled as battery pack 
       for high voltage and power output applications.