Energy Storage Solution

Power Generation Energy Storage
Applied for solar power generation, wind power generation and other types of power generation. Support distributed generation, small power stations, medium or large scale development projects; Provide prismatic and cylindrical cells; Can achieve long cycle performance, safe power generation, and supply power for global new energy
End Users Energy Storage
LongTTech provides safe and efficient clean energy products for global users. The finished products include home energy storage batteries, stackable batteries, cabinet energy storage batteries, new projects development, etc. The supply of prismatic and cylindrical battery cells available, which can achieve long cycle performance, safe power generation
Power Battery Solution
Long Cycle LiFePO4 Technology
>2000cycles 0.2C 80%DOD

Low Temperature Super Conducting Technology
LFP battery applicable under temperature -20°C

Customize Solution
New EV/Forklift/Dolf Chart/RV/Yacht
Consumer Electronics Solution

Consumer electronics, home appliances, personal care and other products

Cell Solution:
NCM/Ni-HM Battery Cell

The advanced material technology platform (guarantees high rate performance requirements)

Production advantages:
Automatic production line equipment, greatly improve cell consistency and performance

Key Account Service
Have Long-Term Cooperation with International Brand, Providing Deep Customization Services